Trade Mark Consulting & Contracting

"Professional Drafting Services Specializing in Custom Casework"

Get Started

How To Get Started

  • Contact us with basic information about your job and send us your prints.
  • Receive your quote by fax. Review the quote, sign it, and fax it back to us.
  • Pay deposits. Fax a copy of your check along with the signed quote, and put it in the mail.
  • At some point before work begins, we’ll need to review your company’s construction methods and standards. Job specific details will also need to be worked out.
  • Receive your proofs, review them, and pay the remaining balance.
  • That’s it! There are a number of ways you can receive your final drawings. Hard copies and/or CD’s can be shipped to you. CAD/PDF files can be e-mailed directly to you, the architect, or to your local repro/print shop. Any combination is available.

Available file types include: DWG, DXF, DWF, PDF, and TIFF files. AutoCAD 2017 and all earlier versions are supported.

There’s always something new. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, specific concerns, or special requirements.

NOTE : Construction documents too large to be emailed can be sent or received using our FTP server.  Just contact us and we’ll set you up with everything you need to login and transfer your files.

Pricing Structure

Our shop drawings are estimated per job, per detail. We do not charge a percentage of your contract amount. This works to our competitive advantage because our customers only pay for work being done.
For example: Basic box cabinetry costs less than custom casework because it takes less time to draw and detail. Highly repetitive work costs even less.


At first we require 50% to start and 50% at delivery. We are always willing to discuss terms after a working history is established.